Jan Northoff | Photography

Jan Northoff was born in Münster, Germany in 1971.

When he first got his hands on a photo camera, he was immediately passionate about photography. At the age of 10, Jan participated in a photography contest for adults with an old Rangefinder Camera – and won the first prize. From that moment on his destination was decided.

After finishing his educational duties with a vocational diploma and an apprenticeship he set off to Hamburg where he worked for several years as a photo assistant for a number of well established photographers. During this time he gained experience in almost all areas of photography, from Fashion to Beauty, People to Architecture and Transportation.

Since 2001, Jan has been working as a freelance photographer with a special focus on People and Portrait and regularly delivers campaigns for advertising agencies and corporate enterprises. He works in Germany as well as abroad.

In 2010, simultaneously to his photographic work, Jan started producing image films as a producer and director, combining photography and moving images. The series “Filmed Portraits” is also part of this project.